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I recently found a brand new service called Unotelly that promises give you use of blocked US tv shows and web sites like and Hulu. While testing out the service I chose to compose a Unotelly evaluation as well.

How Unotelly Works
Unotelly is as a way to get it working you must modify the IP address of the DNS servers that device or your machine uses as well as a service. This way the look-up will probably be re-routed trough their servers located in america. This works reasonably nicely and it unblocks the sites as said. There are some severe flaws however.

The Large Drawbacks to Unotelly
To be honest there is just not much to write in this Unotelly evaluation apart from the service works. However, there are some significant downsides with utilizing this sort of support. First of all you WOn’t get the added safety of utilizing a VPN service. Nowadays identity theft and hacking has turned into an activity that is nationwide and personally I utilize a VPN connection – especially on cellphone and my laptop. Why Hide My Bum any day will be taken by me over a service like Unotelly that is.

Another serious disadvantage is the truth that the solutions listed in the internet site can be simply unblocked by it. Having a VPN connection you’ll be able to un-block any support that you want and as bonus you get the added security along with that.


Allowed the Unotelly support does what it says, when you will find options available on the market like Hide My Ass that’s much more flexible and protected, but I would never contemplate using it.

Therefore that sums up my miniature Unotelly Review as a Smart TV DNS . In the event you prefer sign up for the service here – then I might select Unblockus instead, if I had to use a DNS service or I may personally stay with Hide My Butt.