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Control in the heart of associations

Selections regarding Web monitoring begin mostly using the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security.

Ministry of Information and Communications

The MICROPHONE controls the leading on-line service providers and the Vietnam Internet Network Information Heart. In addition, the ministry issues many decrees involving Internet use. The ministry functions close with all the National Steering Committee for Details and Communication Systems, which is headed by the prime minister. People try everything to protect their privacy, for instance with SmartDNS Changer.

Ministry of Public Security

The ministry focuses on applying supports and laws that target guides deemed right wing extremist, by specifications that are official, rather than to the engineering of network-monitoring.

On the other hand, the ministry works the Cong A M digital police bureau, which was founded initially to battle cyber crime, for example hacking and credit card fraud. But this pressure enjoys complete ability to arrest the writers, also to close weblogs or websites that displease the government. Lt. Col. The chief of the „Internal Protection Bureau“ in Hanoi has said the force’s occupation is to „track Web content in all form, all publications, including media reports, blogs and commentaries.

Internet monitoring is freely recognized, but the size of the surveil pressure as well as the details of the cyber- the processes of police are kept secret.

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