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Beauty and horror of virtual worlds

3-D visual artist and entrepreneur Stefan Haberkorn recreates the cathedral on the computer – and much more. Magdeburg (vs) l Stefan Haberkorn lives in several worlds. In the real world, he is a Magdeburger who is committed to technical progress, who founded a company in 2005 that is internationally successful, and who is pleased „that […]

Using WLAN hotspots safely – 5 important tips

Anyone who regularly travels in public WLAN networks with a smartphone, tablet or notebook exposes themselves to additional dangers, as hackers can inercept and read the data packets transmitted. Our practical tips will help you trick data thieves in the future.

Webhosting for your homepage

Before you go online with your new homepage, you have to find a suitable web host. Depending on the complexity of the website, different demands should be made on your web hosting. For example, you have to ask yourself whether you want to share a server with other customers or prefer an expensive root server.

Incognito – Conceal Your Kinky Porn Habits On Your IPhone

Project4Pros has recently launched an anonymous browser for I-phone / iOS. For people who have a custom of addressing their surfing courses (perhaps you dont need your girl friend to understand you’re secretly purchasing her a dozen roses for no valid reason or are just searching for birthday precents..) by continuously cleaning the browsing history […]

Getting Started With OpenVPN Protocol

Creating a VPN based on OpenVPN needs setting up certain combinations of settings choices. Every one of these handles different components of a VPN tunnel. One component is the link between host and clients. Next up is the security level, then there’s the validation level and in the conclusion we protect the system in the […]

Launch Of Glyph – A New VR Display

A firm called Avegant, a title which you may not have mentioned yet, has just announced a beta customer notion of a great new VR Retinal Display called Glyph. The Glyph headset incorporates an excellent, vivid movie screen and superior sound experience in an original turn-down formfactor appearing simply like a set of head phones […]

Greatest VPN To Unblock HBO Now TV

HBO NOW is the internet live-streaming support of the popular HBO TV channel, and the great content can be watched without a cable membership. But in case you travel abroad, it happens that your membership wont journey along with you. Considering that the support is nearly totally unique to the United States, you cant see […]

Is SmartDNS An Alternative To VPN

One big difference is that the whole data transfer doesn’t get tunneled through another server in the case of SmartDNS usa, so the bandwidth costs are minimal, and SmartDNS simply comes to less costs. Another benefit is that you just dont require any client applications so that it was simpler to create on various apparatus […]

3 Points To Know Before Purchasing The PS4 VR Headset

Sony’s PS VR headset has, in the 90 days since its start, gone to become the most effective VR headset out there. Despite it not being as feature rich as the HTC Vive, or as loud as Oculus Rift, the marketplace has found that its actually the primary customer-friendly VR headset in the future to […]

Hobbyists – Promote Mature Skype Sessions

Skype shows are excellent for earning profits. Camming girls may typically charge more for Skype displays because theyre not in the community and more personal. Camming versions usually retain more of the gains at the same time, as theyre just being billed transaction processing costs rather than the present sales-share of the camming system. Clients […]

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