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Catch your PS4 version of GTA5

GTA 5 is probably currently the hot ersehnteste Game of the Year. No other video game provides even begin for so much interest and publicity at Friends inspiring games. Thus, it is less surprising that the video game medium has almost every day is confronted with brand new speculations. Most recently, clarifying statements about publication date, and action on the E3 were expected. Editors and fans were unfortunately disappointed because Rockstar divulged no further information. Various reports suggest that both October and XMas 2012 as well as March next year in the realm of possibility. Because it since then, but is no public opinion on the part of the manufacturer, these rumors remain pure speculation continue. GTA 5 for PS 4 has a rapid success story. The version you get here soon. In each of the many New Release Rockstar could fascinate the PS 4-gamer again and on top of that set a milestone in the history of virtual games. Since it is not amazing that the game comes out in its fifth edition and has millions fans throughout the world. In Grand Theft Auto V for PS 4, the player may enter into the virtual world around Los Santos, a virtual metropolis which will be modeled after California’s world city LA. The protagonist also remains secret. Players from around the world speculate in the meantime, if you enter in the person of an old Tommy Vercetti or even move the known Luis Lopez. Putting its focus on the stories of past parts, however, can be more start from a new cast, since this has previously been replaced at any time by a new one. Regardless of who’s role you may sichman also always empathize, GTA V for PS 4 should not be different from the action of the other major platforms. It is expected, however, that the version will appear again a little late for the PC & Downloadable content (DLC) will appear in comparison with the content on PS4 and Xbox also a little later. The 5th version of Rock Star Games to offer its players on PS 4 again earth-shattering technologies in terms of programming and design. The virtual world is a lot of giant and his accompanying extremely detailhaltig, much let the screenshots made ​​in the game already believe. Ingenious environment has always been a hallmark of this computer game series and it is also popular for terrific new products with a focus on design and technical sophistication. Messing one can look forward to stronger development of his character and some revolutionizing ideas. Recently Mr. Houser, vice president of Rockstar Games, already given a hint: now possible to Like in Max Payne Part 3, to multiplayer fans in the future in gangs, so called crews can pitch. Thus attacks on a bank could u. Fight against the cops and the FBI still be exciting by far. But even so, the multiplayer is now provided proof. In previous titles of the series, game enthusiasts were allowed to deal with poorly functioning amateur solutions to use a multiplayer can. This may be different with GTA 5 finally.